canstockphoto11072192It is very important that everyone is concerned over their own well-being. Today we pay doctors to look after our health and teachers to teach our children and financial consultants look after our finances but shouldn’t we be the ones looking after our own affairs.

This is so much more  important when we have to look after our own health. With a healthy body and mind we can teach our children well and find time to look after our fiscal responsibilities to our selves and our families.

With the increasing demands on doctors to be frugal in their diagnosis and their opinions it is important to take the initiative and push our doctors to look after us as a partner in our health rather than a dictator. We do this by helping our doctors rather than harassing them to give us drugs. Even though the doctors are educated healthcare providers with our best interests in mind they are overwhelmed by advertising from the pharmaceutical industry telling them that the most expensive drugs are expensive canstockphoto24532798because they work better which we all know may not be true.

We also know that over half the drugs we use originally came from plants and were modified by chemists in order to give the industry a patent-able drug and not necessarily a better drug. No area of the drug industry is more fraught with miss-information than the area of blood levels of cholesterol and how these effect our health.

Let us look at what we have been told and what we should do and what is best for us and see how true these facts are and whether they hold up scientifically.

The Cholesterol Guru